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2024-05-29 ASAF News

Meeting of ASAF Co-Ambassadors

On 4 May 2024, the Vice-President in charge of regional cooperation and integration, Mr Alexandre Aurel Zoumman, organised a remote meeting with the ASAF co-ambassadors and the Liaison Officer of the Task Force for international collaboration and cooperation, Ms Lina Mkoji, to discuss the activities carried out in the country groups and any potential partnerships.

Alexandre Zoumman gathered all the ASAF co-ambassadors for the second meeting of 2024.

The session kicked off with a review of the activities undertaken by the co-ambassadors over the last three months (mobilisation of country groups and organisation of workshops to publicise Erasmus+ mobility) and those planned for the rest of the year. These presentations were put together by the regional coordinators, who also took the initiative of contacting the Erasmus+ focal points in the countries without a co-ambassador.

Afterwards, Mr Zoumman then outlined the roles and responsibilities of the co-ambassadors, emphasising their crucial role in promoting European and African Union mobility programs. With 39 co-ambassadors across 33 African countries, ASAF can rely on its flag-bearers to implement activities in line with its vision and mission. It was agreed that co-ambassadors will now participate in pre-departure events for staff and students involved in mobility programs, in collaboration with EACEA representatives.

The Vice-President also informed the co-ambassadors that the ASAF visual identity charter is available in the library of the Community Portal, providing resources for organising and representing the Forum at events. He also stated that official letters with ASAF letterhead are available, should the co-ambassadors wish to send correspondence to stakeholders such as the European Union Delegation.

Mr Zoumman took the opportunity to inform the co-ambassadors that the Annual General Forum will be held in Benin from 6 to 8 September 2024. They will have to arrive in advance, on 5 September, for a teambuilding activity.

The new format for local projects was also discussed. From now on, there will be regional projects, divided by region, and the participation of 20 members will be supported by ASAF. Two events will be organised in each African region, with a member of the Board of Directors as project manager, who will contact the co-ambassadors of the country concerned so that they can work in symbiosis.

For her part, Ms Lina Mkoji, Liaison Officer for the International Collaboration and Cooperation Task Force, has asked the co-ambassadors to help her identify potential partner institutions/organisations in their respective countries. This will enable the ASAF Forum to establish relevant and meaningful partnerships.

She drew the attention of the co-ambassadors to the fact that ASF is not a legal entity and that it is funded by the European Union; it cannot therefore receive funding of any kind in the framework of a partnership.

A model memorandum of understanding will soon be drawn up and made available to the co-ambassadors, who will be able to use it as a basis for potential collaboration.

Ms Mkoji also encouraged co-ambassadors to report any training needs to her or Mr Zoumman to support their skill development in partnership negotiations.

The meeting was closed after a question-and-answer session during which the co-ambassadors addressed their concerns to Mr Zoumman and Ms Mkoji.

Thanks were expressed to Ms Marième Wade and Mr Roshan Halkhoree for moderating and interpreting (French-English) and to the rapporteurs Ms Rita Partysseviko and Mr Julien Wendkuuni Tougma.


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