Vision and Mission statement

ASAF’s vision is quality education and global integration towards the sustainable development of Africa.

ASAF's mission is to build a pan African forum integrating mobility students, alumni and other stakeholders promoting mobility, strengthening their capacity and contributing to policy development.

ASAF's vision and mission statements were adopted through a collaborative voting process at the 2nd ASAF Annual General Forum in 2022 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, replacing their preliminary versions.

ASAF’s overall objective is to enhance learning mobility, innovation and competitiveness in Africa by supporting young people’s employability, career perspectives and entrepreneurship by strengthening their participatory and leadership skills.

More specifically, ASAF wants to help improve the quality and harmonisation of higher education, increase the transparency and recognition of learning outcomes in Africa and raise awareness of EU-funded international mobility programmes.

ASAF also wants to promote young people's insights into educational processes, policies and innovative practices and to foster dialogues with the responsible policy makers.

To realise its mission, ASAF is committed to build partnerships with key stakeholders. 

ASAF is committed to positively contribute to its members’ professional and personal development by strengthening their capacities through innovative projects, social entrepreneurship and skills trainings.

ASAF also aims to become a leading partner for students and alumni in Africa and to motivate higher education students and professionals to take advantage of international mobility opportunities.