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2020-07-20 ASAF Reports

ASAF Skills Development 2020 – Online webinars

As part of the ASAF Skills Development Trainings 2020, seven webinars to four different topics on remote work and collaboration were offered to selected ASAF members from 25 June to 04 July 2020.

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Considering the current situation of COVID-19 and its impact on our social and working life, ASAF decided to organise the ASAF Skills Development Trainings 2020. Therefore, seven online webinars were offered to up to 30 ASAF members. The webinars covered important aspects regarding working from distance on a virtual basis.

The Successful Virtual Collaboration webinar was held in two occasions to deal with both the challenges and the potential of virtual collaboration. Participants were trained on different key topics to cope with the new challenges. Aspects such as maintaining and managing human relationships in conjunction with technology were discussed actively. Many interesting questions followed by active discussions created a lively atmosphere. According to the survey that was taken after the class, almost 90% of the participants agreed on feeling more competent with the topic after the webinar.

In addition to the importance of virtual communication, the webinar Managing Home Office focussed on increasing work efficiency in home office on a more personal level. In two occasions, ASAF members reflected on attitudes and values when working from home. Moreover, participants learnt how to use tools and structure to keep themselves motivated and perform professionally. The evaluation survey revealed that 100% of the participants agreed - from which 36% even strongly agreed - that the online training was diversified and interesting.

In Resilience in Times of Crisis, an introduction to the ability to cope with a crisis or an uncertain situation was given in two webinars. Not only were the Seven Pillars of Resilience discussed, but also participants elaborated different exercises to coach themselves for named situations. Additionally, the topic of mindfulness and its power were treated and how it can be used as a tool. Both the active participation and the evaluation survey showed that the members found this training diversified and interesting as well as that they feel more competent with the topic than before attending.

Unlike the above-mentioned webinars, Living in a VUCA World only took place once. Here, a smaller group of ASAF members discussed the dynamics of VUCA - which is the acronym for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity – and how it affects us. Participants showed big interest in this topic and asked many curious questions. The positive atmosphere was also reflected in the evaluation survey where 100% of the participants confirmed that they were altogether satisfied after this webinar.

We are very pleased that the offered online webinars satisfied the needs and interests of the ASAF members. Thanks for the active participation and curiosity from the side of the ASAF members, the webinars fully served their purpose!

Cologne, 20 July 2020
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