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2020-11-11ASAF News

ASAF member invited to Ministerial Conference of the European Higher Education Area

ASAF’s latest activities and achievements are proof that the Forum and its members are more and more regarded as appreciated stakeholders and voice in the international higher education policy. Now one of our ASAF members has even been invited to participate in the panel discussion of the Rome 2020 edition of the Ministerial Conference of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) on 19 November 2020.

On behalf of the Service Provider Ms Anne Noe

After establishing a partnership with Atlas4Development, organiser of the project 2063 Academy, which will take place from 23 – 28 November 2020, and the participation of three ASAF members in the meeting between COAFR delegates and African diaspora living in Europe on 09 October 2020 in Brussels, we proudly can announce a next big step for the African Students and Alumni Forum:

ASAF member Imane Benrabiaa has been invited to be panelist in a panel discussion on worldwide higher education cooperation (and how to strengthen it) by the co-chairs of the Bologna Follow Up Group's Coordination Group on Global Policy Dialogue.

The panel discussion, part of the Rome 2020 edition of the Ministerial Conference of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), will be held on 19 November online due to COVID-19. At the Conference, the 49 EHEA Ministers responsible for Education and the 8 key European stakeholder organisations will approve a Communiqué which describes a “vision” of European higher education in 2030. Moreover, it  outlines the commitments necessary to reach the shared goals and recognises the fundamental importance of global cooperation.

The afternoon of the Ministerial Conference will be dedicated to the 'global dimension' of higher education. Our ASAF member Imane Benrabiaa will be part of the Global Dialogue Panel “Moving towards 2030: what global cooperation in higher education should look like and how to build it”  together with three other panelists, among them the African Union Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology H.E. Prof. Sarah Anyang Agbor.

As the panelists will represent 'different voices from different continents', we are more than happy that African students, staff and alumni will be heard through the voice of our ASAF member Imane Benrabiaa together with Commissioners from the African Union and European Union. ASAF lately being involved in such relevant processes strengthens our confidence in its future contributions to a sustainable development of Africa.

Please stay tuned for more information about Ms Imane Benrabiaa’s participation in the Ministerial Conference of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) on 19 November 2020 here and on our Social Media channels.

For more information, follow this link.

Germany, Cologne, 11 November 2020

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