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ASAF at COAFR meeting in Brussels on 09 October 2020

Three ASAF members participated in the meeting between COAFR delegates (Africa Working Group of the Council of the European Union) and African diaspora living in Europe on 09 October 2020 in Brussels to talk about EU – Africa relations.


The three ASAF members Gautier BOHISSOU, Tom AJIME and Bertrand LOUNGOULAH were given the opportunity to take part in a meeting between delegates of the Africa Working Group of the Council of the European Union (COAFR) and African diaspora living in Europe on 09October 2020 in Brussels.

This informal event gathered around 50 participants, among them 27 COAFR delegates, several colleagues from EEAS (European Union External Action), selected diaspora representatives as well as some journalists. The meeting consisted of a full day programme that included two roundtable discussions amongst COAFR delegates and diaspora experts, business people, artists, and students. The two topics were:

  1. “How to renew the relationship between Africa and Europe on governance”
  2. “What common ground between Europe and Africa in adapting to climate change”

The participants were split into three groups for each roundtable to increase participation and the quality of exchanges. The discussions – held both in English and French – were very open, free, and fruitful. Several important points were raised, including:

  • The involvement of civil societies, youth, and the African diaspora in the implementation of EU policies, projects, and good governance.
  • Investment in long term and sustainable development with mechanisms in place for accountability and traceability.
  • The importance of communication and information in the implementation of climate policies.
  • Emphasis on the global impact of climate change and a call to involve all sectors, institutions, and individuals in the preservation of our ecosystems.

Moreover, it was an opportunity for other participants to get to know more about ASAF and mobility programmes after the meeting in more private conversations. The day ended with a visit of an artistic exhibition and a guided tour of the venue, which hosts several artists’ studios. It was a great honor for these three ASAF members to have been invited to this COAFR event.

The meeting was organised in the context of the upcoming EU-AU Summit scheduled for autumn 2021 and the related process of adopting a renewed Europe-Africa partnership. The Council‘s conclusions from 30 June 2020 pointed to the need of intensifying exchanges with African stakeholders and civil society organisations.

Belgium, Brussels, 12 October 2020

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