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2021-02-11 General News

#YourVoiceYourFuture – new report and findings

The new U-Report polling data was released on 21 January 2021 by UNICEF, the African Union, and the European Union, revealing the main concerns for over 450.000 young people from Africa and Europe.

Compilation of information provided by UNICEF, the EU and the AU

“In 2020, UNICEF, the European Union (EU) and the African Union (AU) have joined forces to empower young people, so their voices are heard as the partnership between Africa and Europe is redefined. Through four digital polls launched on U-Report, young people aged between 14 and 35 years old on both continents had the opportunity to share their opinion on key issues concerning them and raise their voice.” (UNICEF)

In total, over 450.000 young people from both continents shared their opinions between July and September 2020 through the “Your voice your future” campaign, a social/digital media campaign. Poll questions covered the following topics:

  • green transition, including climate change and protection of the environment; 
  • digital transformation; 
  • sustainable economic growth, including investments, business climate, trade, job creation, education and skills; 
  • governance, peace and security.

The overall aim of the campaign was to provide policy makers with key insights on priorities for young people from Europe, Africa and the diaspora, contributing to define the future partnership between the EU and Africa. This U-Report consultation aims to ensure strong youth participation in the preparations to the 6th EU-AU Summit in 2021 and beyond.

Find link to video animation by UNICEF, the AU and the EU here.

To read the full press release by UNICEF, click here.

Germany, Cologne 11 February 2021

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