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2023-08-30 Project summaries Webinar

Webinar on “Understanding the Logic Behind Getting Research into Practice and Policy"

This Webinar on “Understanding the Logic Behind Getting Research into Practice and Policy" was presented to the ASAF community on 18th of August, 2023 by Professor Timothy Kevin Charles Quinlan. Professor Timothy is one of ASAFs passionate volunteers and he is based in South Africa.

Misheck Samakao

The webinar presented the methodology that researchers can use to conduct sound scientific research as well as to engage with the politics of getting that research used by governments when they formulate policies and development strategies. Further the webinar was highlighting how ‘evidence-based’ policies, strategies and programmes contribute to economic development. It was highlighted that there are a number of good studies that have so far been conducted on the continent of Africa in many field of specialisation whose findings have the key to unlock numerous potential and substantiated effort for growth and development. However, many of such studies have been shelved and side-lined. Besides, the presentation also dealt with the reality of the fact that there is rich human resources on the continent of Africa with exceptional skills and talents to conduct relevant research work. However, they have struggled to find suitable funders to actualise these critical research ideas. In some instances, however, it was discovered that some funders have preconceived ideas and they tend to push the researchers to doctor their research findings in line with their aspirations and premeditated motivates.

The presentation also highlighted the work of HEARD, a South African research institute based in Durban, which conducts research in the fields of HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health. The mandate of HEARD is to influence and inform the development of regional and national health policy and practice in Africa, in ways that improve health systems whilst also addressing the inequities and inequalities of health care on the continent.

The webinar was presented by Professor Timothy Kevin Charles Quinlan. The keynote remarks were offered by ASAF Board President, Imane Benebra where she highlighted the central role of research being at the very heart of development and improvement of human life. The webinar was moderated by Misheck Samakao, a board member who is in charge of the "Capacity Building and Professional Development" taskforce. The webinar was well attended by ASAF members from across and beyond the borders of Africa.


Misheck Samakao

Kabwe, Zambia, 25th of August, 2023

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