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2022-05-24NewsASAF News

The new ASAF community portal launched today!

The new ASAF community portal is the fruit of a few intense weeks of work involving a group of motivated ASAF members and the Service Provider. It brings a fresh view and a wide range of features that will be most helpful in the running and development of ASAF.

Bodgan Andrei on behalf of ASAF

The new ASAF community portal is now available to its members! For the past weeks, a group of motivated ASAF members supported the Service Provider in the development process by checking the content, testing the different functionalities, bringing ideas and suggestions on how to best make this new community user friendly to all its members.

The user accounts and profiles were migrated from the old to the new community and the members can reactivate their account and login. They can then experience the new community and its multiple new features like:

  • Connect with other members through the ASAF internal chat and/or video call.
  • Join different groups, for example the country group.
  • Keep up to date and see when upcoming events are happening in their vicinity.
  • Use the community portal on their mobile
  • Share files with other members, for example in a working group.
  • Check out what other members live close by with the map function.
  • Hold elections.


This is yet another step forward into building and improving the ASAF network to the benefit of all its members.


For anyone who is not a member yet, feel free to register here.


See you in the new community portal!


Bodgan Andrei on behalf of ASAF 

Cologne, Germany, 25 May 2022


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