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2020-12-09 General News

Students from Sub-Saharan Africa most mobile tertiary students in the world

Campus France reveals that tertiary students from Sub-Saharan Africa are more mobile than students from other parts of the world and that the number is even growing.

Anne Noe on behalf of the Service Provider

Approxmately 5% of the total 8.1 million tertiary students from Sub-Saharan Africa study abroad at some point of their academic career. Especially in comparison to the rest of the world, out of which an average of 2.4% of all students complete part of their higher education abroad, this shows that mobility in Africa is becoming increasingly important. These results were revealed last week by a  survey of Campus France, a public agency that attracts and provides educational services to international students studying in France.

In this context, Nigeria is by far the country that sends the most students abroad for a period of time. Here, the number has even doubled within the last seven years (85,000 in 2017), which places the country in 8th place of  the world rankings of outbound students.

This can be explained inter alia by the fact “that Africa has one of the world’s fastest-growing college-aged populations. In this regard, the emerging continental youth bulge is expected to drive student mobility in the 21st century.”

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We from ASAF would like to encourage you with this article to carry out part of your education and training abroad as it has great value for you and therefore is definitely worth it.

Germany, Cologne 09 December 2020

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