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2020-09-24COVID-19General News

Student mobility despite COVID-19: Ghana goes Europe

36 Ghanaian students received a scholarship for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programme (EMJMD) in Europe and were invited to a short ceremony in Accra.

On behalf of the ASAF Service Provider Ms. Anne Noe

Who said that the worldwide pandemic could avoid student mobility unconditionally? 36 young Ghanaian students prove the opposite by benefitting from an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programme in Europe in times of COVID-19! Moreover, this number even means an increase of 61% in comparison to the number of beneficiaries only 5 years ago. After receiving a scholarship to study a masters at a top-grade European University, 17 out of these 36 students even attended a short ceremony in Accra on 17 September 2020. Apart from a question and answer session on cultural aspects, the EU Ambassador of Ghana, Mrs Diana Acconcia, who also attended the ASAF Regional Workshop in Accra back in November 2019, met the students at her official residence to congratulate them and wish them all the best for their studies abroad.

This best practice example demonstrates that academic exchanges are still happening and that the pandemic does not necessarily thwart your plans!

We from ASAF also wish the 36 students a fruitful, enriching and healthy stay abroad and are looking forward to hopefully welcoming them in the ASAF Community where they can share their mobility experiences with ASAF colleagues from all over Africa.

To read the full official article, follow this link.

Cologne, Germany, 24 September 2020


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