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2020-09-29COVID-19General News

Re-open EU – travel to Europe!

The European Commission offers an interactive online tool to provide travellers with updated information on travel possibilities in and to the European Union – despite the pandemic.

On behalf of the ASAF Service Provider Ms. Anne Noe

You are planning a trip to the European Union but you’re not sure about it due to COVID-19? You find the always changing travel restrictions confusing and don’t know where to start?

The European Union offers travellers an easy-to-handle online tool where you can filter information on travel restrictions per EU Member State! EU countries use common criteria when deciding whether to introduce travel restrictions, so that a safe re-opening of Europe is guaranteed.

Especially the frequently updated information for travellers from third countries to the EU is interesting for Africans who want to travel to Europe. The list includes countries for which travel restrictions should be lifted and is reviewed every two weeks.

Even though there are only two African countries on that list so far – Rwanda and Tunisia – there is hope that more countries will follow soon!

To check out the tool and find all information on travel possibilities to EU Member States, follow this link.

Stay tuned be ready for you next trip to Europe!

Germany, Cologne, 29 September 2020

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