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2023-10-18 News Events

Promoting ASAF's Mission through Capacity Building in Mauritius

Empowering ASAF Members: A Unique Workshop at Le Victoria Hotel, Mauritius on October 26, 2023

Roshan Halkhoree

Under the ASAF Local Projects 2023 initiative, the Co-Ambassador of ASAF in Mauritius, Mr. Roshan Halkhoree, is taking a significant step toward enhancing the mission of ASAF in Mauritius. On October 26, 2023, a workshop geared towards the promotion of ASAF and Erasmus+  followed by training on Ethics and Governance will be held at Le Victoria Hotel, Mauritius. This workshop has been specifically designed for ASAF members who have previously benefited from the Erasmus+ Mobility program. This workshop brings together ASAF current and potential Members equipping them with the skills to navigate the intricate relationship between business ethics and corporate sustainability.


Building Bridges and Shaping Futures

ASAF's mission revolves around creating connections and shaping the future for African students, alumni, and professionals who have had the opportunity to explore the world through Erasmus+ Mobility. This workshop is a pivotal initiative in realizing that mission and advancing the influence of ASAF in Mauritius.


Capacity Building for ASAF Members

The central focus of the workshop is to provide ASAF members with a deeper understanding of the crucial link between business ethics and corporate sustainability. In an era where these concepts play a vital role in the business world, the participants will engage in discussions and practical sessions to acquire the skills necessary for making ethical decisions in the corporate environment.



During this workshop, attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn from a distinguished f presenters, each offering valuable insights into various aspects of ASAF's mission and the Erasmus+ program. The Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science, and Technology: The ministry's representatives will shed light on the national perspective and the role of education in promoting sustainability. Representative of the Delegation of the European Commission: This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the Erasmus+ program and its significance on the global stage. Senior Management of the University of Mauritius: The university's Senior Management will discuss the role of academic institutions in supporting students and Erasmus+ initiatives. Erasmus+ National Focal Point: This presentation will serve as a valuable resource, offering guidance on Erasmus+ opportunities and the application process. ASAF Co-Ambassador: ASAF's Co-Ambassador will share experiences and insights, highlighting the role of ASAF and its Members.


Why Business Ethics and Sustainability?

In a world where corporate ethics and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, understanding the link between the two is critical. ASAF members, having experienced diverse cultures and systems through Erasmus+ Mobility, are uniquely positioned to understand the global significance of this relationship. By empowering these individuals with knowledge and skills in business ethics, the workshop aims to create a cadre of professionals who can drive positive change.


A First-of-Its-Kind Opportunity

This workshop is the first of its kind, offering Mauritian Co-Ambassadors of ASAF the chance to raise awareness about the incredible opportunities provided by ASAF and Erasmus+. It represents not only a workshop but a catalyst for change, empowering the future leaders and professionals who aspire to make a global impact.


Increasing Awareness and Participation

A primary objective of the workshop is to elevate awareness and understanding of ASAF and Erasmus+. The goal is to equip them with the knowledge and motivation required for pursuing international educational and professional exchanges. By doing so, the workshop seeks to enhance the participation of Mauritian students and young professionals in the Erasmus+ Program, broadening their global horizons.


Promoting ASAF's Mission

In addition to focusing on business ethics and sustainability, the workshop provides a platform for promoting ASAF's mission in Mauritius. By uniting ASAF members with international experiences gained through Erasmus+ Mobility, the event highlights the program's profound impact and the importance of fostering a global network of individuals who can collaborate and drive positive change.


Roshan Halkhoree

Mauritius, Reduit, 13th of October 2023

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