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Milestones of ASAF work 2022 are getting fixed

The ASAF core group fixed main steps and dates for ASAF in 2022, including the main events etc.

Gereon Müller-Chorus, on behalf of the service provider

The ASAF core group is making good progress in fixing the main dates for 2022. The main upcoming events are planned and major steps in the ASAF development like development and codifying statutes and having elections for representations have been scheduled.

Planned internal meetings in 2022:

  1. First (interim) Board meeting. March 4-6th, hopefully in Dakar; Senegal (if necessary somewhere else, hybrid or online)
  2. Second Annual General Forum is scheduled for Weekend 17th to 19th June, hopefully in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (if necessary somewhere else, hybrid or online).
  3. Second (interim) Board meeting , 16th – 18th September hopefully in Antananarivo, Madagascar (if necessary somewhere else, hybrid or online).
  4. Third ASAF governance meeting, November 25th – 27th, hopefully in Kigali, Rwanda (if necessary somewhere else, hybrid or online).

After we had our regional workshops back in 2019 in Pretoria, Rabat, Accra and Addis, the above mentioned locations have been identified to further spread ASAFs presence on the ground (and in different countries). The exception is the 2nd ASAF Annual General Forum, which should be close to the African Unions headquarters to facilitate good AU participation and to underline the Pan-African orientation of ASAF.

Whilst the dates are fixed, the locations may still change, if external factors (like COVID-19) require. Hybrid and complete online implementations, like the very successful 1st Annual General Forum, will also be part of the planning for the fixed dates.

According to the current plans the Annual General Forum will also be the time and place to finalise the ASAF statutes, governance and structural development, which will result in the election of ASAF’s pan-African governance body in the (early) second half 2022.

Several Co-Ambassadors’ elections will already take place earlier and we want to invite all interested ASAF members to consider if they want to get active as Co-Ambassadors or in one of the several task forces.


8th December 2021

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