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2023-03-30 News

Introduction of Working Group Committee

A committee has been established which will be in charge of evaluating prospective Working Groups pending final approval by the Meeting of Members.

ASAF Working Group Committee

As article six (6) of ASAF Statutes and nine (9) of ASAF Rules of Procedure state, “Working Groups” are bodies composed of ASAF members, partners, and other relevant and interested stakeholders working on a specific topic with a specific timely limited term, to produce a specific result. They are bringing together the expertise of ASAF members with the flexibility of the forum to include additional stakeholders. Working Groups provide an opportunity for ASAF members to bring ASAF forward on a continental and global stage.

Working Groups can have a minimum of 10 members (of which at least five (5) are active ASAF members), and they cannot exceed 20 members. They are led by two (2) Co-Chairs, one (1) of which must be an ASAF member while the other one can also be a partner.

A committee has been established of three (3) Board members namely: Mr. Alexandre ZOUMMAN, Mr. Cosmas LAMBINI and Mr. Daniel WAFO FOSSO who will be in charge of evaluating prospective Working Groups pending final approval by the Meeting of Members.

The (minimum) five (5) prospective Working Group members should hand in the concept of the proposed Working Group outline to the aforementioned committee while clearly defining the following:

  • The title
  • The methodology
  • The list of (at least) five(5)-committed members
  • Expected deliverables
  • Timeline

If the Board assesses the application and finds it laudable, it proposes to the Meeting of Members to establish the working group.

Up to the next Meeting of Members, the Working Group can start being active on a preliminary basis after the positive assessment of the Board.

There are many ASAF members both active and inactive with riveting ideas, talents, acumen, and skills that they would like to work on as a team with other members and partners. This is an excellent opportunity for members to actively participate and contribute to ASAF and at the same time develop their own projects in their respective fields of expertise.  Furthermore, this platform gives opportunities to network, collaborate and share experiences at personal and professional levels.

We are looking forward to receiving proposals from members about Working Groups they would like to start, following the outline above.

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Should you need any further clarification or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact the following persons:

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