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2021-04-30 General News

Online survey on Intra-Africa Mobility Programme for South African students

To encourage more South African students to complete parts of their education in another African country, an Intra-Africa Mobility Programme is envisaged for South Africans only. An online survey on why few South African students study in the African continent is the first step.

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The South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) is working to develop a South African “Intra-Africa Mobility Programme” to strengthen cooperation between South African universities and their counterparts in Africa, to encourage and enable South African students to study in the African continent.

The Programme also aims to improve the uptake of existing opportunities to study in the African Continent by South African students (especially Masters and PhD aspirants).

“Upon completion of a study programme abroad, one returns home with a new perspective on culture, dynamic skills set, willingness to learn, superior communication skills, multilingual and flexibility in different work and living environments. All these attributes are very attractive to prospective employers and may also be useful when pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities.” (South African Department of Science and Technology)

As part of the preparation of this new programme, the DST is conducting an online survey to establish why few South African students take up opportunities to study in the African continent.

Follow this link to access the online survey.

Please note:

The South African “Intra-Africa Mobility programme” is not to be confused with the “Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme” funded by the European Union. It is a South African national programme for exchanges between South Africa (only) and other African countries.

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