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2023-07-13 News

ASAF Co-Ambassadors Training Addis Ababa 2023

The Co-Ambassadors training took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 7th and 8th of July 2023. It covered the topic ‘Stakeholder Management and Networking’ with the participation of 24 ASAF Co-Ambassadors from 21 African countries.

Farouk Kouider Moussaoui

The training was officially opened by Alexandre Mahougnon Aurel ZOUMMAN, ASAF Board member, Vice President in charge of Regional Cooperation and Integration. This is followed by a brief self-introduction and training expectations by the participating ASAF Co-Ambassadors.


Helene Banegas, Project Advisor in charge of Erasmus+ International Alumni, on behalf of the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), delivered an online presentation about framing the role of ASAF and the Co-Ambassadors in which she clarified the importance of EU support to ASAF and explained the pivotal role of the Co-Ambassadors as focal points in their home countries and encouraged them to collaborate with the Erasmus+ National Focal Points (ENFPs) and NEO (National Erasmus+ Office) to increase impact.


Representatives from third party entities were invited to the training and hence a number of interesting contributions and stakeholders networking opportunities were presented to the ASAF Co-Ambassadors. Among those representatives: Mounerou Salou and Galdys Ntele  ENFPs of Togo and Zambia respectively. And Angela Naa Afoley Odai and Caseley Olabode Stephens from the African Union Commission.


Alexandre ZOUMMAN, Vice-President of ASAF, outlined the roles and responsibilities of ASAF's co-ambassadors and their place in the structure of ASAF.


Throughout the two training days, Iris Schneider, Intercultural Senior Expert, facilitated several workshops for the ASAF Co-Ambassadors to strengthen their capacities in the stakeholder management topic. They were distributed to three working groups and they responded to different tasks given by the expert.


The Co-Ambassadors training was closed on day two with success and huge aspirations by the participants to move ASAF forward and help it grow on a continental level.


This is a good opportunity to remind all ASAF members that the co-ambassador elections will take place in December 2023. All those who wish to represent their country within the ASAF are invited to read the Rules of Procedures and Statutes of ASAF and to prepare to submit their candidacy.


Farouk Kouider Moussaoui


Algeria, Khemis-Miliana, 11/07/202

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