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Happy Africa Day!

Last Wednesday, on May 25, 2022, the annual Africa Day was celebrated.

Felix Kwabena Donkor on behalf of the ASAF board

Each morning across Africa- from the village to the city centre- the crowing of the cock ushers in a new day full of possibilities. Today, as the cock crowed it echoed the aspirations of the continent. Africa Day (previously African Freedom Day and African Liberation Day) is a yearly tribute to the creation of the Organisation of African Unity on 25 May 1963. The occasion is commemorated across Africa and the globe. Even though the organisation was renamed the African Union on 9 July 2002 in Durban, South Africa, the holiday is still commemorated on 25 May. This year’s theme, focused on the importance of addressing malnutrition and food insecurity. Periods of celebration also provide moments for reflection and innovation.

As ASAF this day we launch our new community portal with enhanced features and more user-friendly. Moreover, in Africa we have a lot of reflection on our progress as a society and a lot of innovation to propel our continent as a force to reckon with amongst the committee of nations. Africa has so much potential. It has both the human and technical resources to secure a brighter future for all its inhabitants. History shows that every generation is unique. Africa’s youth – currently numbering over 400 million – have a critical role to play in driving innovation and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges, while taking part in decision-making today. Hence, it is up to our generation of Africans to work together to rewrite the story of Africa. Let us assume this responsibility and work hard to make this happen. Happy Africa day. God bless Africa.


26 May 2022

Felix Kwabena Donkor (ASAF President)

On behalf of the ASAF board

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