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The Committee on Mobility Programme, Diversity and Inclusion (CMPDI) met on 18th/03/2023 for an Introductory session of committee members and sharing of different Ideas from different topics including ,CMPDI structuring, diversity and inclusion criteria, core roles and duties, scholarship programs and capacity building.

On 22nd/April/2023 CMPDI had its strategic meeting to validate the strategy, role of committee members and elect co-speakers. The meeting kicked off with a self-introduction and review of the agenda by the Vice-President in charge of CMPDI. 

Participants validated the key steps to be followed when developing and implementing diversity and inclusion strategies including: conducting diversity assessment, set diversity and inclusion goal (based on the assessment), establish diversity and inclusion a diversity diversity task force, develop diversity and inclusion plan, provide training and education for all ASAF members, implement and monitor progress and leadership accountability promotion. 
The Committee (CMPDI) noted that this validation doesn’t exclude further reflections for setting the detailed content in terms of activities. It was also agreed that a methodology is needed for accurately conducting the diversity assessment as well as for the other strategies. Criteria for such assessment were furthermore underlined as one of the important things to consider in the assessment and these will be further discussed in the coming days. 
As part of the meeting agenda, co-speakers were also elected. Four Candidates registered for the co-speaker position including one Francophone candidate, Boton Martin from Benin who went unpposed and three Anglophone candidates, Patience Mansa Gakpetor (Ghana), Ethel Kachala (Malawi) and Helen Denis Peace (Nigeria).

At the end of the voting process Boton Martin from Benin and Patience Mansa Gakpetor from Ghana emerged the winners hence CMPDI Co-Speakers. In the coming days, CMPDI will outline their workplan and activities for the year.

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Nabawanda Juliet Kasozzi

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Kampala, 15th of May 2023

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