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Challenges in Intercultural communications

"Challenges in Intercultural communications and how to overcome them" by Heba Afifi – Saturday 28th May, 2022 via google meet. The webinar aims to help people from different cultural backgrounds to identify the obstacles in intercultural communication and overcome them.

The 2nd Capacity Development webinar was organised by Hanan Meckawy – ASAF Board Member liaison for Capacity Development in cooperation with ASAF Capacity Development taskforce members - Prof. Rasha Soliman and Mr. Hazem Ashour. The webinar was held virtually on Saturday 28th May at 11:00AM and ended on 12:45 PM.  
56 ASAF members and 8 other interested people from outside of ASAF have been registered and eventually around 30 participants have joined the webinar.

The webinar starts with a welcome note by Hanan Meckawy, followed by a brief word about ASAF by Rasha Soliman. Ms. Heba Afifi talked online about Communication amongst people from different cultural backgrounds that can be sometimes frustrating, because of the misunderstandings that can occur. These misunderstandings happen due to different cultural factors. Ms. Afifi engaged the participants in her presentation and ran interactive conversations, questions and answers, illustrative images and videos to better reach the webinar’s goals.

The programme ended with a thankful note by Hanan Meckawy to the guest speaker, CD taskforce and the percipients who praised the webinar and requested a translation into French on the next ASAF webinars. Hanan Meckawy announced for the next August’s webinar “Networking and how to build strategic partnerships” by Dr NZWEUNDJI Justine Germo, that will be conducted in French language and will be moderating by Ms. Sylvie Djacbou.


03 June 2022

Hanan Meckawy
ASAF Board Member 2022 – Liaison for Capacity Development

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