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Capacity Building Training in Tunis

ASAF held a special Capacity Building Training in Resources Mobilisation in Tunis from 16-17th September, 2023. The purpose of the workshop was to empower ASAF individual members with skills and knowledge in developing their own personal projects as well as finding suitable sources of funding to actualise their business ideas. This was intended to improve the quality of life for ASAF member at individual level.

Misheck Samakao

In an effort to operationalise and embrace ASAF core values of diversity, inclusivity, dynamism, equity and equality, ASAF organised a capacity building workshop for the active members. The workshop essentially was partly arranged in order to activate and promote ASAF membership so as to keep them motivated.


Resources Mobilisation
ASAF members across the continent of Africa have attended high quality higher education system during their mobility trainings from within Africa and beyond. Many ASAF members have brilliant ideas and aspirations to set up their own personal business, entrepreneurial ideas and investments.  However, due to lack of set up capital, there has always been a gap between the brilliant ideas and the implementations. Therefore, the primary objective of the workshop was to help close up the identified gap through a specialised capacity building training in resources mobilisation. The training was organised to meet specific milestones that included the following:

  • How to formulate Winning Business Ideas and Entrepreneurial Initiatives
  • Writing Business/Project plans and proposals for possible funding
  • Introductions to sources of Funding/Capital for Projects and Business ideas
  • Developing skills in Resources Mobilisation, Networking, Negotiations and Collaborations


The Focus of the workshop
The training engaged an interactive learning environment where the delegates were sub-divided into groups and each of the groups was tasked to innovate a project idea, develop it into a full project proposal and advertise it to the possible would funders, donors or partners for implementation. The overrall outcome of the discussions resulted into four big projects that showed high levels contents of innovations and creativity. The projects were essentially offering solutions to many problems faced by the African continent with respect to food insecurities, hunger, climate change and the provision of primary medical health care amongst many other things.


Summary of the training outcome 
Delegates acquired hands-on skills in resources mobilisations, project development dynamics, networking, collaborations and team work. The one day and half workshop initiated more incitements and triggered in new insights and perspectives on the need for ASAF members to arise and take their central role as change agents on the continent of Africa so that they can meaningful contribute to the developmental agenda of Africa.  the concerted efforts of the individual and groups energies would create the much needed synergies that could count towards the attainment of the both the sustainable development goals as well as the realising the vision 2063 African developmental agenda as inspired by the African union.

The training was fully funded by the European Union. It was attended by ASAF members and supported by two taskforces of the ASAF structures that included, capacity building and professional development and membership activation and promotion.


Misheck Samakao

Zambia, Kabwe, 25th of September.2023

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