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2021-07-01ASAF News

ASAF webinar: Successful Virtual Collaboration; a deep dive – 17 July

ASAF members exclusive; ASAF offers a webinar for its members on 17 July to become an expert in virtual collaboration.

Gereon Müller-Chorus on behalf of the Service Provider

On 17  July from 09:30 – 13:00h CEST, ASAF members are invited to take part in this intensive interactive webinar. Places are limited, the webinar will have a maximum of 20 participants.

This training will provide you with a real deep dive into the topic and substantially provide you with the skills you need to act successfully in a virtual environment.


  • Understand challenges in virtual communication both due to the use of technology and intercultural differences.
  • The participants will be able to communicate successfully in a virtual environment.
  • Learn how to use the full potential of virtual cooperation.
  • Handle as an effective team in a virtual space.


  • Live virtual training
  • Breakout Rooms for exchange and reflection
  • Interactive elements: input, role plays, simulations etc.
  • Virtual collaboration tools for teamwork and activities
  • Use of whiteboard for reflection and brainstorming


  • Making meetings effective, interactive, and motivating
  • Being a good virtual moderator/ host
  • Virtual moderation and presentation skills, use of technology and methods to increase interaction
  • Exchanging information and getting across messages
  • Media, technologies, know how transfer strategies
  • Giving feedback in a remote, intercultural context
  • Basics of working together in a remote team building trust, taking care of relationships, respect, harmony, conflict solving, politeness, etc
  • Deepening in the strategies of successful virtual collaboration
  • Delegating work and responsibility successfully
  • Promoting participation and commitment in remote teams
  • Establishing „team spirit“ in a remote team

Are you interested in taking part in this training?
Please apply for the training filling in the application form in the ASAF online community.

Deadline: 04 July!

This training will be offered in English. More webinars will also be offered in French at a later point.

Please note:

We recently published a survey in the online community which invites you to rate your favourite webinar topics for the upcoming webinars and let us know about your needs and interests. Please feel free to fill in this survey by 04 July (ASAF members only).

Germany, Cologne, 01 July 2021

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