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2021-07-01ASAF News

ASAF Webinar on Conflict Management and Communication - 24 July

ASAF members exclusive: ASAF offers a webinar for its members on 24 July to increase the ability to react in conflict situations and how to communicate and navigate properly.

Gereon Müller-Chorus on behalf of the Service Provider

On 24 July from 11:00 – 13:00h CEST, ASAF members are invited to take part in this intensive interactive webinar. Places are limited, the webinar will have a maximum of 14 participants.

We are very happy that we were able to contract the communication and moderation expert Ann-Christin Berger, who is well known by most of the ASAF members for her excellence and expertise. She successfully moderated the First ASAF General Forum earlier this year as well as three regional ASAF Workshops in Accra, Rabat and Pretoria, and showed her extraordinary skills and expertise.

Now you will be able acquire these skills yourself and train your communication and conflict resolution skills. The webinar will cover the following:

Objective of the webinar:

  • Increase participants’ awareness on their own reaction in conflict situations
  • Increase participants´ awareness on other people’s reactions in conflict situations and how to navigate them

Tentative contents:

  • Why do conflicts arise?
  • Negative and positive effects of a conflict situation (disruptive factor or fruitful tension?)
  • Self-test: Which conflict type am I?
  • Thomas Kilmann’s conflict model - Understanding different conflict styles
  • Self-reflection: How does my conflict type help/hinder me?
  • Communication techniques during a conflict

Are you interested in taking part in this training?

Please apply for the training by filling in the application form in the ASAF online community.

Deadline: 04 July!

This training will be offered in English. More webinars will also be offered in French at a later point.

Please note:

We recently published a survey in the online community which invites you to rate your favourite webinar topics for the upcoming webinars and let us know about your needs and interests. Please feel free to fill in this survey by 04 July (ASAF members only).

Germany, Cologne, 01 July 2021

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