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ASAF Participation in the National Erasmus+ Offices Networking Meeting 2023

ASAF was invited to take part in the National Erasmus+ Offices Networking Meeting that took place in Brussels on 13 and 14 June 2023.

Jackson Lontchi

As an alumni network funded by the EU, ASAF and its cousin networks ESAA and WBAA were invited to participate in the networking meeting of the Erasmus+ programme NEO that took place in the COMET centre in Brussels on the 13th and 14th of June 2023. ASAF was represented by its board member in charge of communications, Jackson LONTCHI.

On the agenda of the first day of the meeting, the main session was to review the general results and priorities of the E+ program, and to discuss the implementation and monitoring of the NEO grant agreements. Another session was for the discussion on how the NEO can work together with the Erasmus+ National Focal Points (ENFPs) at the local level. Another specific session was about the collaboration with alumni networks, where ASAF together with the two other alumni networks shared a nice presentation to the NEOs about their respective networks and activities done on the ground. It was an opportunity for ASAF to present its working structure, vision and mission, and to showcase its activities, projects, trainings, webinars, and meetings with key stakeholders on the ground within Africa. A special focus was given to the representation of ASAF's key actors on the ground, like Co-Ambassadors in the northern region of Africa, because most of the NEOs present were coming from the north of Africa. Then followed some close discussions between the alumni networks and the NEOs about how to improve our collaboration for the promotion of the E+ programmes to students and staff. It was a great opportunity for ASAF and the other networks to discuss the common challenges we might face, sharing experiences and good practices.

The next day was mainly about parallel sessions for regional meetings for closer discussions on the NEOs challenges per region. The ASAF representative participated in the Southern Mediterranean session, where we listened the different challenges faced by the NEO in that region and the different propositions to improve the collaboration with the EU, and the implementation of the E+ programmes on the ground where we discussed the role played by an important alumni network like ASAF.

Important key contacts were acquired and we hope for further discussions afterwards.


Jackson Lontchi

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France, Paris, 21/06/2023

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