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2023-11-23 News

ASAF participates in DIANA Ry’s African Academic Night

In late October 2023, a team made up of Nelly Adjoa Sakyi-Hagan, Apiyo Okwiri, and Lina Mkoji (Board Member/Liaison for International Collaboration and Cooperation) represented ASAF in DIANA Ry’s second edition of the African Academic Night (AAN) and the African Research Day (ARD) held at the University of Turku in Finland. The gatherings were attended by over 150 representatives from various organisations who were keen on research and business in Africa.

Lina Mkoji

On October 27th, the ASAF team participated in the African Research Day (ARD) at the University of Turku, which focused on the theme of "Collaboration in Research and Education." ARD served as a platform to showcase successful research collaborations, innovative educational partnerships, and co-creative social innovation projects between Finland and African countries across various fields. Additionally, the event offered excellent opportunities for networking, sharing knowledge, and discussing best practices in sustainable, responsible, and mutually beneficial innovation through partnerships. ASAF and DIANA Ry organised a side event to explore potential collaborations and connect with other participants interested in learning about ASAF and EU-funded opportunities. Notable attendees at ARD included the city council representative Mr. Abdullahi Sultan and Prof. Sarah Anyang Agbor, former Commissioner of the African Union.

ARD was coordinated by the Finland-Africa Platform for Innovation (SDG 9), also known as FAPI, in collaboration with Africa-themed Global Networks (GINTL, EDUCase, and SAFINET) and DIANA Ry. FAPI links 26 Finnish higher education institutions and encourages research cooperation and collaboration with African partners, presenting a significant opportunity for ASAF members.

The African Academic Night (AAN) held on the 28th of October was arranged by DIANA Ry and was led by its President, Dr. Pascal Doh, who is also a member of ASAF. DIANA Ry, an acronym for Diaspora Academic Network for Africa, is a professional association and international NGO that is registered and headquartered in Finland. Its purpose is to mobilise African intellectuals living in the diaspora to participate in endeavours that contribute to the advancement of teaching methods and the education system in Africa.

AAN is an annual event designed to facilitate interaction between African academics and Finnish educational authorities, business professionals, professional entities, and international colleagues in Finland, all while celebrating African culture through entertainment, cuisine, and art. Amidst the festivity of African culture, Lina Mkoji had an opportunity to inform the attendees about ASAF's mission and vision for Africa in the domains of education, research, and entrepreneurship. This year's AAN included a Learning Café, which was organized by Finnpartnership. It provided a platform for African and Finnish entrepreneurs in Finland to network and present their solutions to potential clients in the audience.


Lina Mkoji

Finland, Turku, 27th & 28th of October 2023

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