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2022-02-21 ASAF News

ASAF Interim Board: This is what we are going to do

The Interim Board has the mandate of managing the affairs of ASAF over the following months until a final structure is established, and a regular governance elected. Find an insight of the role of the Interim Board and of what is planned for the upcoming time.

Yumungu Alongo

The Interim Board has the mandate to manage the affairs of ASAF until elections are held to choose leaders for various positions within ASAF. Above that, the Interim Board members have the mandate to define, develop roles and responsibilities and the mission statement for the different task forces. The upcoming weeks and months will be crucial to define and set an organisational structure, the different positions, tasks, and various task forces. The ASAF structure including statues and additional defining documents are foreseen to be discussed and adopted in the upcoming Annual General Forum scheduled for June 2022.

The Interim Board has worked on a plan for the upcoming period of time, and this is what we are looking forward to in the next months:


ASAF Pilot Projects

ASAF will support members to implement their (small) ideas. Projects are about promoting higher education reforms, ASAF, mobility and will be implemented by members on the ground. Projects are planned to be implemented inter alia in Senegal, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Rwanda. An additional small open call for projects is envisaged for July 2022.


Annual General Forum 17th -19th June 2022 in Addis Ababa

The Interim Board also approved the plan to organise the Annual General Forum for ASAF, suggested during the core group meeting in Bonn. At the suggestion of the European Commission, Addis Ababa was selected given the headquarters of the African Union, making it easier for representatives to attend the meeting.

We will keep the members updated regarding the ASAF Annual General Forum.


Membership growth

A 1+1 campaign by the Community Development Task Force will encourage each ASAF member to replicate themselves by identifying at least one person they know (maybe from their class, mobility, etc.) who is not yet registered as ASAF member and get them to join.



As an international organisation aiming to be a global leader in its field, ASAF has to develop its institutional capacity such that members are equipped with critical skills that enable them to offer optimum services to ASAF as well as have maximum impact in their fields of endeavour. Webinars are foreseen in February, May and August to support this endeavour.


The ASAF Interim Board together with the Task Forces and growing number of Co-Ambassadors plans many additional activities, which will help the ASAF community to grow and in which you can participate and contribute. Feel free to join one of the teams to actively become member of this network.


If you want to learn more about the interim board members you can - as an ASAF member - check out their profile in the online community.

Yumungu Alongo

Kampala, Uganda, 25.01.2022

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