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ASAF in the mediatheque of Khouribga – Morocco

On Saturday 2nd of April, in the Mediathèque of Khouribga, ASAF held a presentation for Moroccan students about academic mobility.


ASAF successfully carried out an academic mobility promotion event in the mediatheque of Khouribga, Morocco. Special thanks go to its generous and welcoming director Mr. Lhoussaine Ait Brahim who believed in the success of this collaboration and welcomed us by hosting the event there.

After a general presentation of the ASAF network, the participants were introduced to the different possible mobilities, such as those under the ERASMUS+ programme. Members of the ASAF Interim Board shared personal experiences, which both inspired and motivated the audience.

A wide range of participants were present, from Bachelor’s students to Master’s and PhD students. The interest was high at all levels, but we did notice a predominance of Bachelor students, who made the journey even from the surrounding cities of Khouribga.

The event was moderated by Mr. Jittou Abdelouahed, PhD student and member of MASRED (Moroccan Association for Scientific Research and Development). The success of this first joint collaboration can pave the way for a future partnership between MASRED and ASAF, which could take the form of a caravan promoting academic mobility to the whole region. Furthermore, the mediatheque of Khouribga pledged to assist the interested students in order to facilitate their task to access a mobility programme.

We look forward to seeing what the future brings and how ASAF will continue implementing its mission with its Moroccan partners.


Nabil LAAKOUN, Project coordinator

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