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2023-10-30 News

ASAF Co-ambassadors of Rwanda meeting with European Union Delegation to Rwanda & Participate in the Study in Europe Fair 2023 event.

In the bustling heart of Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, on the 28th of September 2023, The African Students and Alumni Forum (ASAF) Co-ambassadors of Rwanda met with the European Union Delegation to Rwanda.This meeting held great promise, as it was an opportunity for discussion on bilateral relationship between ASAF and EU delagation to Rwanda, dialogue for further cooperation, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas to forge a way forward for promotion of international mobilities leading to internationalization of higher education in Rwanda.

Julius Emmanuel Emuriat

On the appointed day, the EU Delegation to Rwanda welcomed the ASAF Co-ambassadors of Rwanda, Ms. Germaine HIRWA and Mr. Julius Emmanuel EMURIAT to their impressive headquarters in Kigali. Ms. Claudia KOVER, The Programme Manager for Education – Youth & Erasmus+ Focal point, opened the meeting by welcoming the ASAF delegates and introduces her office, their roles and mandate. Further, she calls the co-ambassords to share about ASAF history, mission, objectives and their individual stories and personal professional journeys, emphasizing how their education had shaped their perspectives and aspirations.

The European Union Delegation listened attentively, impressed by the ASAF as an inclusive and transculture platform that contributes to the achievement of different development programs , including education, capacity building, research and  to foster collaboration with international intities. Moreover the dedication and determination of the Rwandan youth. As the discussion continued, both parties delved into key topics such as Promotion of EU funded mobility, the upcoming event “Study in Europe Fair in Rwanda that took place in different campus of the University of Rwanda” , youth empowerment, educational partnerships, ASAF contribution to support in the promotinion of those mobilities . The Co-ambassadors also discussed their desire for increased cooperation and support from the European Union to help raise quality education, capacity building, collaboration and cooperation.

The meeting adjourned with positive outcome, a commitment to continued dialogue and collaboration. The European Union Delegation expressed their admiration for the Rwandan students and alumni's passion and vision. They promised to explore potential avenues for cooperation, such as scholarships, mentorship programs, and joint projects to support the development of Rwanda and ASAF. This encounter marked the beginning of a promising journey towards a brighter future for Rwanda, with the passionate and dedicated youth leading the way.


Proceedings for the Study in Europe Fair at the University of Rwanda

The study in Europe Fair was held at two campuses Nyarugenge & Huye, of the University of Rwanda and at INES Ruhengeri University on respective dates ; The 4th, 5th and 11th of October 2023. It was officiated by Dr. Raymond Ndikumana, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Strategic Planning and Administration, and Amb. Belen Calvo Uyarra, Ambassador of the EU Delegation to Rwanda. This study fair was jointly organized by both institutions to create opportunities to provide Rwandan students with information about opportunities in EU universities.

On the 4th october 2023,At Nyarugenge campus, where ASAF Co-ambassadors managed to attend, the event was moderated by Ms. Kaitesi Flora (EEAS) through out and after the opening remarks, she provided a brief overview, introduced each presenter for the presentation of opportunities to study in Europe and scholarships; including a testimony of an EU Alumni(Ms. Clarisse Mukarukundo) who shared her experience of studying in Europe and benefiting one of the funded scheme from the EU; facilitated a general discussion by the audience and speakers through a Q&A session, and invited the audience to different stands of the EU Member State for more information on study in Europe. In brief, The study in Europe Fair provided insights, opportunities and internationalization experiences.


Julius Emmanuel Emuriat and Germaine Hirwa

Rwanda, Kigali city, 26th of October 2023


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