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2023-08-29 News

ASAF Co-Ambassador of Mauritius meeting with European Commission

On 4th August 2023, ASAF Co-Ambassador, Roshan Halkhoree, initiated a foundational meeting with European Commission representatives in Mauritius. This exploratory discussion around the Erasmus+ Programme aimed to enhance Mauritian youth's global educational prospects and lay the groundwork for future collaboration.

Roshan Halkhoree

On 4th August 2023, a cornerstone meeting between the African Students and Alumni Forum (ASAF) Co-Ambassador and the European Commission's Mauritian representatives marked the beginning of a promising partnership.

At the European Commission's office in Mauritius, two worldviews converged: one representing the aspirations and needs of African students, and the other epitomising the global opportunities the European Union offers. The meeting served a dual purpose. First, to introduce the vision and ethos of ASAF, represented by Co-Ambassador Roshan Halkhoree and Ms. Rita, a dedicated member. Second, to open dialogues around the Erasmus+ Programme, a European Union initiative offering invaluable experiences in education, and training.

Mrs. Jeannine Yeung Ching Yung, the Project Officer, and Mr. Milko Van Gool, the Head of Cooperation, were the torchbearers from the European Commission side. Their keen interest in understanding ASAF's role and objectives highlighted the European Union's commitment to fostering ties with ASAF.

The meeting kicked off with ASAF's introduction. Roshan and Ms. Rita unveiled the tapestry of ASAF's operations, objectives, and the difference they aim to make. The leaders underscored the forum's pivotal role in connecting African students and alumni, fostering unity, and paving paths for academic and professional growth.

Erasmus+, with its vast expanse of opportunities, took center stage in the discussions. The Programme, recognised for creating transformative educational experiences for participants, was introduced as a potential treasure trove for Mauritian youth. The discourse revolved around how best to align the Erasmus+ initiatives with the needs and aspirations of the Mauritian student community.

One of the significant outcomes was the conceptualisation of an Erasmus+ Presentation tailored for students in Mauritius. This presentation, which is currently in the planning stages, aims to bridge the information gap and offer insights into leveraging the programme's full potential.

This gathering wasn't merely a one-off discussion; it was a strategic move toward a long-term collaboration. Both parties expressed enthusiasm about the possibility of numerous engagements in the future. The collegiality of the meeting was a testament to the mutual respect and shared vision between ASAF and the European Commission.

The fusion of ASAF's dedication and the European Commission's global outreach promises an era of enriched opportunities for Mauritian students. As the wheels of this collaboration are set in motion, the future indeed looks bright and full of potential.


Roshan Halkhoree

Mauritius, Reduit, 28 August 2023

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